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You can’t do everything and we completely understand that. Your business is growing and you need help filling the gaps in your executive team. TG Consulting is comprised of world class tech executives with decades of field experience that will help you plan and execute every aspect of your business.

Strategic Planning

Business Plan

Market Analysis

Competitive Positioning


Go 2 Market

Client Acquisition Strategy

Budget / Forecasts

Operational Structure


Product Management Proxy

Product Architecture

Systems Architecture

Logic Flow

MVP Development Support

Grant & Loan Research

Grant & Loan Application


Business Development Support

Funnel Optimization

Sales Material

Sales Team Structure

KPI Baseline, Management & Optimization

KPI Best Practice Implementation

Board of Directors Management

Investor Relations


Capacity Planning

Scalability Planning

Market Validation

Growth Hacking

Exit | Acquisition

Company Prepping

M&A Scenario Modeling

Due Diligence Support

IPO Prospectus Coordination

Data Room


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